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Okay, let's start this.

We have 11 players

1 - MurderWeasel
2 - Yugikun
3 - Polybius
4 - Bikriki
5 - dmboogie
6 - Primrosette
7 - DuckyB
8 - Imehal
9 - Frogue
10 - Grim Wolf
11 - penguin_alien

And three Center Roles C1, C2, C3

That makes 14 roles.

quick summary of all 14 roles

which creates this night order:

I Sentinel
II Mafia
III Stalker
IV Minion
V Mason
VI Cop
VII Robber
VIII Witch
IX Troublemaker
X Curator

Everybody will receive a PM now.

Posted Image

The Night Phase Begins! Day starts after 3 days or after everybody has submitted.

Close you eyes~

If you don't submit an action, you'll do nothing (unless you have a role where you /have/ to do something in which case I RNG your action).

If you have any questions, feel free to PM them to me or ask them in this thread.

Mason and Mafia can NOT communicate at night. Other players also cannot.

Feel free to say 'role confirmed here'. Rules were in the other thread. I think I'm ready to click on the 'post topic button' now.
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