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“I don't think so. I know so,” Clarice teased. Well, really, she figured the chance was about equal for either of them. Neither of them were actually bowlers, and it wasn't as if Kimiko didn't have arm strength. She was a gymnast, for fuck's sake.

She wandered towards the desk where games were paid for and shoes were rented. She signed as she trotted along. She used to have a problem where she'd try to sign too fast or too enthusiastically, and her various signs would just blend together.

Nah, that carpet's gonna survive until the apocalypse. Besides, no matter what you spill on it stains blend right in. Super practical, really.

Clarice opened her mouth to ask the person working the desk to rent a lane, before letting out a little 'oh' under her breath and turning back to Kimiko.

How many games do you want to play? And what shoe size?
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