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"Oh you think so?" Kimiko asked returning Clarice's grin.

Another reason Clarice was such a good friend was that she had actually learned some sign language. It meant a lot more to Kimiko than just being nice to her, it took a lot of effort to learn but Clarice had done it so that they could communicate better. Kimiko still remembered moving to Kingman and finding out that she had to learn the American Version of sign language. The doctor had offered her an electronic voicebox but she had refused that outright. It had never been brought up again, instead she just knuckled down and learned. It was more rewarding to her anyway, when she was younger it had felt like they had a secret language no one else knew. Even now they were older they were still some of only a few people at school she knew that could even speak ASL.

Kimiko stood up and stretched her arms out behind her clicking her back. "Suppose we should go pay."

That was the other good thing that came with having Clarice around. She could handle all the talking and it removed all the awkwardness that could occur when Kimiko had to do it. Sometimes people would ask her questions and she'd have to type out an answer on her phone otherwise they would think she was being rude. It was easier having someone else with her in the long run.

"Hopefully the money will go towards replacing the carpet."
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