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"Be honest."

Fiyori tilted her head at Jeremy. He didn't seem to like that prank that much. And maybe Fiyori should say that she wasn't exactly surprised. Hoped it was different, but alas, to no avail. A shame, she was all about spreading love and happiness.

"Did you actually know I stole the DS, or did you just threw another... random accusation at me?"

She winked at him, but actually wasn't interested in an answer. There'd be little point in dwelling on that occassion. And she didn't have to clear up the situation in any way. Jeremy seemed to be fine with Fiyori around one way or the other.

Besides, she had other ways of making him happy.


"But yeah, you're right. I got the game. Was wondering when Darius realized." She snickered. "I'll give it back once he asks me.

Whenever that would be."
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