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“Well, maybe you had fun.”

Yeah, chairs would be great here. Just kinda felt weird having this standing up. He hopped slightly, changing his stance so that he was leaning on his right foot rather than his left. It was a little odd, talking to people from school outside of school, especially considering that Fiyori wasn’t quite hitting friend levels right now. There was something about accusing someone of a crime that you did yourself that still stopped Jeremy from being totally friendly with her right now. Her reasoning didn’t really do her any favours, either. While it was fun to watch a ball of chaos just fuck with things to fun, he wouldn’t ever place his faith or make an alliance with them, even if he thought he may be able to keep them under control.

Still, he may have thought this a million times by now but it was still relevant, she had a chance to improve. He was patient, and there wasn’t much she could do to screw him over or anything like that here.

“Although being randomly accused of stealing something and then being placed in a kangaroo court isn’t really my idea of a good time.”

He moved his arms up, folding them for a second. He quickly switched back, though. Position just didn’t really feel that comfortable.

“I heard from Darius that you kept Mario Kart after you gave the 3DS back, though? If that’s true then maybe I’d forgive you for accusing me.”

He snorted, a bit. Something like that, anyway. He didn’t know. He just kinda did an action that showed that he wasn’t serious about that last part.
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