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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Lily went through her cake before answering Alvaro, and he just watched her, for a bit. He couldn’t really help it. Every time she did so much as get into his sight he just became… lighter for some reason. Just being near her made him happy. She’d open the door of the cafe in the afternoon waving and the world would literally be perfect, just for that moment. It was dumb, he knew; but he loved it anyway. Maybe that was why he was so scared that she hated him, she had just done so much good for him that her being away would just… hurt. After the incident in the library, for example. She was there at the cafe that day and he felt better about himself, for a bit.

He smiled, slightly. He loved her, but he could never admit it to her. If she rejected him and left his life he didn’t know what he would do. So he kept quiet about it. Watched, from afar. He talked to her, of course; but he tried to keep his feelings out of it. He didn’t want to risk accidentally revealing anything to her. In the eyes of everyone else, they were friends, and that was just it.

But when she began to stand up, saying that she should go, he realised that he couldn’t do that. He had to be the leader. He had to be the captain. He had to be strong and brave so that he could take over the cafe when he grew up. He couldn’t let her leave. He wanted her to stay. Sure, the cafe was going to close soon, but every moment she was with him was a moment that he was happy, and he didn’t want to rob himself of that.

“No, um, please stay!” He almost stood up from his chair, pushing it back slightly before he sat back down. His hands went up, and they waved in the air a little bit. He wasn’t even sure how he looked, now. He just knew again that he had to do what he had to do, no matter how silly he looked.
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I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder · Before the Dance