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"Oh yeah. I'm pretty good as backdrop," BB said. "Cameron's kinda loud with the paint, and Vanessa's kinda... loud, so it's me and Brady holding down the fort and being unobtrusive. But when the fame gets to our heads and we have a messy public breakup, I'll have the best solo project."

Jeremy was being a pretty good audience here. BB was actually brushing on some stuff that was maybe slightly more serious than her tone implied. Peyote Coyote and its members meant a lot to her, but the dynamic was a little different now that Coleen was involved, and BB couldn't be entirely confident that the band wouldn't just dissolve overnight one of these days. And even if they did last through this change in shape, what after graduation? They might end up scattered across the state, or even the country. Would the others even keep up with music?Would they still be friends?

But right now she was in one of her places, in the record store surrounded by more music than she would ever listen to, with the racks and bookcases and dusty corners of the floors, the not-quite-sufficient lighting and the posters for gigs before she was born up on the walls, and that made it a safe place to joke about these things and channel her worries into hyperbole.

"You really should come to one of our shows sometime," BB said, focusing more fully on Jeremy and restoring her smile, which had dropped slightly. "The pyrotechnics are badass."
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