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Astrid could feel her eyebrows knitting as she listened to Penelope talk. Mostly this was just a common habit of hers, whenever she was debating or talking with somebody, but there was something that… intrigued her about Penelope in particular. It was hard to get annoyed with someone who actually knew how to rationally talk a point out, which Astrid appreciated. God knows, she’d encountered enough people whose idea of an argument was repeating the same goddamn point without altering it in the slightest, and after today's debacle, she would be happy if she didn't have to encounter it for the rest of her life.

But it seemed that there was some sort of lapse in communication between the two of them. Either that, or their worldviews just happened to be polar opposites. ‘Taking it easy’ was all well and good in theory. It wasn’t as though Astrid didn’t take time out for her own personal interests, either. Neither playing soccer nor cooking for Sophie were activities that would be vital, or even necessary, for her goals in life, but she did them because she enjoyed them a ton. Plus, they were both things that did end up providing useful skills for her to use in life, from general health and fitness, to improving her hand-eye co-ordination, to… well, knowing how to cook.

Just as Astrid was about to open her mouth to reply to Penelope, the other girl sitting at the table, who apparently hadn’t disappeared into the ether after all, spoke up. That, in and of itself, was a generous term. A single word that had literally nothing to do with the conversation, any way you tried to slice it. She might as well have just grunted. Astrid looked over at her, left eyebrow raised as high as it could go, an unmistakable look of disdain on her face.

“Right, well, thank you for your… contribution. You might want to consider actually paying attention to what we’re saying.”

If she was being honest, which she always was, Astrid couldn’t even really remember the girl’s name. A little rude, maybe, but she wasn’t on her radar, and most likely never would be. She rubbed her temple, before speaking again.

“Anyways, I can’t really afford to, err, ‘take it easy’. At least not the way you seem to interpret it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I make sure I have activities outside of the medical world, but they all have benefits that I can use. Hell, if I hadn’t left it in the fridge, I’d have been able to eat some of the stuff I cooked last night instead of… whatever the hell this is.”

Astrid gestured at the discarded tray, regarding it with a similar expression as she had with Rene.

“I guess I’m just… struggling to see the appeal of something that could easily be replaced by something that does provide greater benefits to you.”


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