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Brendan listened to Alba saying that she had been doing golf for years. Just like him with doing swimming ever since he was a kid. Well, at least they were both doing something that they seemed to both enjoy. He was thankful that he loved swimming since he was a small child. He was losing his track of thought now. He could see that Alba was holding out his drink to him, waiting for him to take it. He did a switch as they give each other their drinks and he was actually feeling surprisely calm around Alba. He didn't know why though. She seemed to be a nice person, just a little loud. But he was sure that he could grow to her bright personality.

"Oh, sure. I don't mind. I could use a break from my jog for a while." He agreed with her as they headed over to the bench together and he sat down, feeling a bit happy to be resting. "....I should make sure to take care of my legs when I get home...." He laughed awkwardly and he was holding his bottle close in his lap. His knees were stringing a little. It was his fault for not seeing Alba right in front of him. He sighed a bit sadly. "....I wish I could stop being clumsy, you know.... I have the worst luck...."
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