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Why, she wouldn't say she took pride in being an asshole. It was more of a running joke, really. She had particular tastes in humor, and at least she tried to target people who could take it. Or deserved it, but that was getting into uncomfortable terrain. And sure, sometimes it was a miss and she pissed someone off, or made someone sad and then, and only then, Fiyori would feel just a little bit guilty.

Being compared to Bradley though. Fiyori rocked back and forth on her feet, trying to conceal with a overdrawn smile that she'd rather not be compared with him. Bradley was a jerkass for the whole purpose of being a jerkass. He was rude, and he was disruptive. Hell, Fiyori admitted there were similarities but at least she had a kind side.

"Huh? Well, why not?"

Jeremy inquired about why'd she accuse him back when Darius played ace detective. The question shouldn't surprise her, but the tone he used... strange.

"We had fun, no?"
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