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“You take pride in being an asshole?”

Jeremy had calmed down from the sudden surprise, but he was still a little annoyed. Mentioning Cadeyn tended to do that to him. Still, his clothes were straight now, and he could breathe like a normal person, so even though he was probably going to be psychologically scarred down the line he was fine for now. He lowered his hands, made them pull his shirt. It was something he had done out of habit for a couple of years now; his hands needed something to do when they weren’t doing anything else, after all. His parents told him not to do it, but fuck them, it wasn’t like pulling his shirt down was going to change the world or anything. Well, actually it would, but not in a way that would affect other people or anything.

“Well, I can deal with Bradley, so I can probably deal with you. Yo.”

Well, so long as she didn’t bring up bad memories again. He chose to willingly not reply to her remark about Cadeyn, as much as it hurt him to not make an equally snippy remark back. Didn’t she use to date Danny? That could be used in a jab somewhere, if this turned out to be like the BB situation a few months back. He hoped it didn’t, though. If it went that road it would only result in humiliation. Still, he was down for a chat, so long as she wasn’t too much of an asshole or anything. He kinda wished that there were chairs here to sit on, though. He preferred talking to people sitting down rather than standing up.

“So why’d you blame me for stealing the 3DS? Just interested, is all.”
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