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There were some things in this world that were just too beautiful to describe. Too amazing to put into words. Someone would just look at them and they wouldn’t be able to find any abjectives that would be actually be able to capture the essence of the thing.

Like, think Niagara falls. You could pretty easily say that it was beautiful, but did that really capture the essence of the place? It was like how Jeremy normally said “good” to every meal he had. Sure, that was something that you could call it, but most of the meals he had were so much better than that that just saying it was good was an injustice. It was basically an adjective Jeremy used because he couldn’t think of a proper way to describe it. It was like the word “beautiful,” in a way. The word had been used so many times that it had just become a generic way to say that something looked good; a generic abjective to replace what couldn’t be described.

And when the dick was pulled out of the banana, that was it. There was no way to describe it. No words in the english language could describe how beautiful the banana dick was.

So Jeremy just started laughing. Not a quiet laugh, mind you. A loud, high pitched cackle that the people sitting on the tables around him could probably hear. It was just so ridiculous, there was no way to describe it. Haley had just pulled off the top of a banana and then there it was, a model penis. He couldn’t stop. The laughter kept coming out and he couldn’t stop himself. He wasn't even sure how everybody else reacted, all he could think of was the creamy penis kept under the yellow exterior.
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