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Huh, wow. Larson’s seemed to have in stock every rare game he could think of except for the one he was looking for. At this point he had stopped looking for Persona 3 and he was now searching the shelves just seeing what he could find. Most of the new stuff he had seen was stuff he already had or had no interest for, but there were still enough gems in there to keep holding his interest. He really needed to get a job at some point, just so that he could come back here and be able to get more stuff from what seemed to be a treasure trove of a store. Maybe he could invite a friend over and go on one of the arcades. They didn’t seem to have too many new things, but he could just use steam if they didn’t have what he needed.

And then Cadeyn appeared behind him and whispered that nickname he had grown to loathe with a thousand passions ever since he had met her on that fateful day several years ago.

“Jesus Christ!” He jumped, turning around to see how he was going to get out of here and… oh wait no it was Fiyori. Never mind then. He exhaled, releasing much more air than he thought he had breathed in, and raised his hands up to his shirt’s collar, folding it back and putting it where it was before he freaked out. After doing that, he looked at Fiyori. She hadn’t done a very good job in placing herself in his good books so far, considering the earlier incident with the 3DS and now this, but whatever, she could possibly improve in his eyes. Plus, he didn’t really expect someone like her to be at Larson’s so he may as well talk to her and ask why she was here, and stuff.

“Don’t scare me like that. I actually thought you were Cadeyn for a second.” He said, continuing to breathe in and out. He probably just lost a few years of his life off of that scare.
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