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Foursome. Do it right.

Maybe it was intentional, maybe it wasn’t. No matter what, though, it was a bad choice of words. Emma guessed that innuendo was the theme of the day. Jeremy was right, though; it did seem to be some kind of cap.

It was only more awkward when Danny grabbed the banana while it was in Emma’s hands, to check for a cap. For what, though? She remembered Mrs. Barks saying something about how the bananas were imported from Australia or a place like that, and that there was something special about them. She’d heard some stories too, from other people who had already taken the class, but she didn’t understand what exactly they meant. It must have slipped her mind, though. But yeah, it was a cap.

A second pair of hands took the banana from her once Danny let go. Okay, so Haley was going first, then. Who next? Well, she could go after them, maybe get the weirdness over with?

Emma watched as they unscrewed the cap, only to reveal-


She put her hands to her mouth as she saw what was under the cap. Was… was that what she thought it was? Haley seemed to find it funny. Emma… wasn’t sure what to think. As she moved her hands away, she felt her face get a little red. For about five seconds, her jaw went slack. But once she was able to speak…

“I… didn’t expect that!”, she said.

Maybe she should have?

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