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Around the world, there were various and diverse ways for people to greet each other. In the west, for example, it has become customary for people to shake their hand. It is said this evolved from a test to see whether your partner held any weapons in their sleeves. Then there were bows, and their little sister, curtsies. It was old-fashioned to use them, but you would find plenty of special people who insisted on using those forms. For whatever reason.

Of course, bows were often associated with cultures in the east asian region. Through thousands of years of recorded history, complicated rules governing the proper use of bows between genders, ages and people of prestige evolved. Because they were so complicated, Fiyori guessed, did Mao decide to just go 'fuck everything' on the Chinese culture.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Tank!]

The point is, either way, that Fiyori's prefered form of greeting was... unorthodox. And quite frankly, nobody who knew her for longer than one day should be aware of that.

In this example, Fiyori spotted Jeremy as she looked into the window of Larson's store (because apparently some people still don't use Steam?). She saw him, browsing through the shelves. Looking for some game. Or maybe any game. Anyway, she used the chance. She was careful, because she snuck up on him. Got close enough. Just a few feet between them.


He was about to punch her, wasn't he?
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