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He seemed to feel ashamed. Seemed. Bad word, because it was obvious. And in that moment, Fiyori looked at him with compassionate somberness.

It was strange, was it not? How quickly, how unpredictably her emotions shifted. From amused disattachement, to the anger of a woman scorned, to empathy with a man who shares her crushing fear of one's own feeling

She hated it. But it was, how it was.

Fiyori stared into the blending blue of the sky. Nearby, birds were singing. Students were talking. She wondered, were they watching, were they talking? She'd knew it soon enough.

"I mean..." She returned her focus to Danny. "You got one lady down. That's progress, at least."

False optimism. Or so she'd say in any other situation. She wanted to pat Danny's shoulder, as a sign of encouragement. She let it rest there for a while.

"Take care."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued in Mass Destruction]]
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