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"Well, I can think of a few. Some might cross the 'fake' line though."

Fiyori remarked wryly. Was she joking? Yes, but she took a moment to think about possible scenarios. It was a fruitless endeavor. It felt as if her mind was rubbed against sand paper. No point in thinking.

"Still, seriously. I am not going. To the dance, I mean. Have you heard of the theme? Nothing against it, but definitely not my taste."

She leaned back and forth. Actually, it would be pretty funny to go with Danny. People knew of him, people knew of her. And they both had certain reputations. Fiyori cared little for the nasty little lies high schoolers liked to spread. But so close to the goal, she could find a certain entertainment in them.

"I'll go somewhere else to party, but if you want... well, you can come wherever I am... and I won't rip your balls off."

She attached a coy smirk, and winked at him.

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