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She returned the high five. It did make everything feel better. Lightened the knot in his stomach a little. Angry people burning with hatred didn't return high fives.

"Yep. Absolutely." He did owe her. (Okay, he probably owed a lot of girls but that was a giant pit of owingness that he really could not acknowledge without screaming right now.) "I mean... I could go with you to the dance, if you wanted? Not as, like... stalkers or in a romantic way, but..."

He paused, then shifted awkwardly again.

"Um. ...Yeah, I may have lied about the prior thing, too. Sorry. You did have me going there for a moment with the stalker thing. But that's the last lie or excuse, I swear!

"And nah, you earned the right to be a little insane." Danny laughed and added, "If you can't fake at being a creepy stalker in this situation, then when can you?"
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