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She sighed. At least, she exhaled. Deeply. She felt more... calm now. More content. Were those the right words? Fiyori did not know. Yet, she knew, she felt better. Somehow. She supposed that was how lightning worked. Charge it up and then unload it in a moment. Just, everything there was, everything that was bottled up. Gone in a moment. Maybe not healthy.

Felt pretty good, though.

Danny raised his hand. He... offered her a high five? He was being a huge dork again. Fiyori was still kinda shakey and this was some serious moment, and he just... it was adorable.

Fiyori laughed, and took up on his offer.

"Still..." Fiyori pointed her finger right at his face. "That whole 'owing me' stuff is still a thing, right?"

She pulled the finger back, scratching her head for a moment while taking a step back. Now that thunder struck the ground, there was no reason for her to be all up in his face. To be honest, it actually began to feel uncomfortable for her too. God, she was being an embarrassement for herself.

"Well, then again, maybe I should've been a little bit... saner about all this."
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