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She was touching his face again, although this time it was less face-strokey. He did meet her gaze when she made him, although he shifted uncomfortably and his eyes squinted a little.

She said they should be friends again. That leaving school without being friends would suck. And she was right. It would suck, to lose someone as cool as Fiyori because he couldn't deal with taking his pants off.

“Yeah. Yeah, same, I'd… yeah. I'd like that.”

She'd let go of his face, ironically the moment that it had become less uncomfortable. And she was smiling but she was also breathing weird. And Danny was feeling pretty emotional. Ashamed and happy and relieved and more than a little awkward. It made his stomach feel very tight, and he shuffled on his feet for a moment.

He cleared his throat and spoke in perhaps a slightly louder and cheerier voice than what was perhaps suitable.

“Yeah! Friendship! High five!”

He lifted his hand up, grinning. Nothing like a high five to make shit go back to normal in a good way.
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