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((Sorry, you guys. I'm breaking the post order so I can use Jonathan somewhere else. I hope you guys can forgive me for it. Yeah, I'm not sure what to put down as Toxie did a wonderful job of explaining a lot.))

And so the guys had about six or seven rounds of shooting each other with paintballs. Or was it more? Jonathan had lost count as he was too excited over all the fun that the three boys were having. They had each won a few rounds against each other. He thought that it ended up a draw between the three of them. He waved goodbye to the both of them. But as he was walking back home; Michael offered to give him a lift and he gladly accepted. He thought it was a bit freaky to be on his only in the dark anyway. He and Michael ended up having a conversation on the way back home.

Jonathan had a lot a fun playing paintball with Alex and Michael. He hoped that they could do it again in the future with more people involved. The more the merrier.

((Jonathan Gulley continued in Let's Go Out Tonight))
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