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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Breaking Post Order to leave thread, sorry!))

Ty tried to focus on his book and calm down. Honest to god, he was trying. No matter how tightly he held it, though, or how intensely he stared at the page, not a damn word made it through his skull. He was too charged up, he could feel his body vibrating with tension. Shit, other people could probably see it, if it was as bad as he felt. He needed to be up and active, doing something, doing anything to get this out, or he was going to regret it when he went home. Maybe being around people was a shit idea right now.

Lani was in the middle of folks across the room. There was a part of him that wanted to talk to her. He wouldn't say they were best friends or anything, but she got him and they hung out, so maybe she could help him calm down some. But she was swarmed and he didn't want to fuck up her good time right now. It didn't make much sense for him to be here, not where there were so many other people trying to get along and he was putting off bad vibes. Nah, he needed to get out and make something happen.

He needed help, and he had a pretty good idea where to look for it.

Ty shut his book and gave Lani a nod before heading out. On the way to the car, he pulled out his phone and started texting. He spent a little while waiting there, working out the details, before signing off with a satisfied grin and pulling up a number he hadn't seen in awhile. 'bout time he gave her a ring, really. He'd kick around town for a little while, just to give the plan time to set in motion. Then he'd make the call and show that smug little fucker that he wasn't playing games anymore.

((Ty Yazzie Continued In My Ball And Chain))
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