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((Bridgette Sommerfeld continued from Having Fun Isn't Hard))

Bridgette generally arrived to events early, if she could help it. She just liked being punctual. Plus, ahead of schedule gave her a moment to take a breather and relax.

She strode into the student council room, politely greeting the only other person and sitting down. Today's agenda was the Sadie Hawkins dance. It was the council's brainchild, and something Bridgette herself was proud of putting together. However, she wasn't going to attend herself. Dances (and dating in general) were unappealing to her. Besides, she had better things to do that night.

But she'd think of that once the meeting started. With some time to kill, she pulled out her sketchbook and flipped to the latest page. She'd been on a medieval streak as of late, and had started a knight drawing earlier that day. She sucked at drawing armor, but practice couldn't hurt.

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Small steps can take you great distances · East Wing