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The sun shone over the Kingman Streets, like it always seemed to be, but it wasn’t too bad today. My butts were out, and there was pretty nice wind that happened to be blowing today. While the season was fairly close to ending, it was still winter, and while he thought that the season didn’t really affect too much (especially considering that this was Kingman, which he liked to think was the heat capital of the world), it probably did something. By all standards, today was pretty good; it fulfilled all the Goldilocks conditions for temperature. Not too hot, nor freezing. It wasn’t raining, either, which was a pretty good bonus. People could probably actually walk the streets without melting to death. By all standards, again, it was a pretty cool day.

Plus, you know.

Air conditioned room.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued from My Friends Are Assholes))

Jeremy browsed the shelves of Larson’s Comics and Games, looking for the latter in particular. This wasn’t really a place he went to; Gamestop and Steam normally had what he needed (and more!), but Gamestop didn’t supply PS2 games anymore, and Atlus had this weird thing against PC gaming which meant they never ported their games to it ever. He was looking for Persona 3; he had bought Q a couple of days ago and some of his internet friends had told him that 3 was fairly mandatory if he wanted to enjoy the game. He had the money, and he wasn’t really that into reading an LP as opposed to playing the game, so he came here. Somebody at school told him that they supplied older games here, so it wasn’t too out of the question that they’d have some stuff from the PS2 era.

He hadn’t had any luck so far, though. He was just searching through the shelves so far, and while they did have some PS2 games, none of them were what Jeremy was looking for. They did have some cool stuff, though. The first God of War wasn’t something he had ever seen online, and while he already had the 3DS version Snake Eater seemed pretty cool too. They even had some arcades; nothing too special but House of the Dead could be fun to play with a friend, and he remembered once playing CarnEvil somewhere else and liking it, so that was an option too. Even if he wasn’t able to find Persona 3 he could still buy something cool with his money.

He kept browsing through the games section, just seeing what he could find at this point.
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