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Trav grinned. Jerry clearly didn't know Noodle very well, she fought and she was excellent at it. He shrugged when Jerry said he was fine with knees and elbows. Not everyone was because getting hit by a well-placed knee or elbow could fuck you up. Trav knew because he'd been on the receiving end of one before, back when he was still the new blood at the sparring sessions. He remembered it connecting with his sternum and that was that. Breathing had been painful for the rest of the session. He'd grown past that though, now he was one of the better people in the whole gym, which was funny in a different way. It was even funnier when one of the old guard came back and tried the same tricks that had worked when he had started.

Trav leaned on the cage as he waited for Jerry to get in. He wasn't sure if Jerry got the whole idea of reach, or height for that matter. Trav was certain he had a good four inches on his opponent...at least. Not that it was really his concern, Jerry would have to figure out how to get inside and into range. Until he did that Trav would just keep him on the end of his jab and kicks. If things started to get boring he'd probably pepper some spin kicks in for variety, maybe try out some new combinations. Typical sparring stuff really: experiment, practice, learn. The whole idea was to get better. He'd learn something from sparring with Jerry, you learned something sparring with anyone, it was just a question of recognising it.

Trav pushed off the cage when Jerry got in and bounced on the spot before moving to the center of the cage opposite Jerry, hand raised for the traditional glove touch.
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