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...she could not act.

No, it wasn't that. Danny knew her. Danny understood her. Most people did not. They knew Fiyori, of course. But they bought everything she said at face value.

And here, Danny was seeing through her farce. Yeah, he really got her. She liked that. Few people appreciated Fiyori's nature. Few enough, to make everyone of them a treasure. Seeing Danny disarm her, it kinda confirmed her feelings. Her feelings of disappointment. Her feelings of sadness. That feeling of loss she suffered as Danny cut himself off from her life.

She jerked her leg up. Just a bit. Only to make him flinch.

"You're right, I am not crazy. But I am mad. So goddamn mad."

Fiyori could feel it. Her face, her body, her mind. It tensed up. It was uncomfortable. It has been so long... too long since she felt that way.
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