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That was not a good place for a leg to be.

Please don't kick my crotch, please don't kick my crotch, please don't kick my crotch.

Fear of crotch-kicking aside, he was now almost certain the crazy stalker thing was just an act. Fiyori wasn't that mad. And she'd always been up for pranks. So at that last line, he just let out a little 'pfft.'

"Nah, you're not. I assume 'deal with' means murder in this case? If you were gonna do that you wouldn't tell me. You'd just do it. And then leave the head in my bed, Godfather-style, or something." Also said girlfriend would have to exist. "But seriously, Fi. You're not that bananas."

He paused for a moment, then let out a little sigh.

"And if I'm about to be proven wrong, you have permission to put those last words on my tombstone. ...Please don't kick me." He shifted uncomfortably, looking downwards at Fiyori's strategically placed foot.
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