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"An engagement?"

Sounded like an excuse. Couldn't be a date, because no girl in Cochise would dare to touch Danny nowadays. Well, no one except the crazy ones. The desperate ones. Or, well, Fiyori. But that was different.

Danny stood up, which was a shame. She hoped he'd fall on his back. Would've been hilarious to pin him down. Fiyori did the same. To prevent another of his stunts, she put one foot in between his legs.

Well, it was actually kinda difficult. Difficult to find the right words. The whole 'stalker' act seemed pretty funny in her head, but now that she was actually doing it... ah, way too hard. Maybe she should've thought of more lines beforehand. But maybe she would get the improv just right.

"Hah, nonsense. There could be nothing more important than me."

She winked at him.

"Don't worry, I'll deal with your engagement myself."

Nice. She could do it.
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