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Danny wrinkled his nose when she flicked his forehead, and squinted slightly when she said she had a lot of suitors.

Okay, he could have believed her if she'd said a couple. But if she had 'lots' she had to have a better choice than 'the guy who climbed out of her bathroom window once.' Unless she was crazy. She could be crazy. If he was going to accuse any of his exes of that, Fiyori would probably be top three. And the 'not a request' line leaned in that direction.

The obvious answer here, and hopefully the one that wouldn't result in her playing the hyenas in a live reenactment of Scar's death from the Lion King on him, was to make an excuse. A good excuse. Not 'I have to use the bathroom' this time.

“I…” Danny said slowly. “I have… a prior thing. Engagement? Yes. A prior engagement that I can't possibly back out of.”

...Nailed it. Or he would have nailed it once he figured out if that meant 'I already have a date' or 'I'm not going because of reasons.' Both presented issues.

“So, um… I mean, yeah, I owe you, I totally owe you, but… my hands are tied.” Danny climbed to his feet, testing his bruised ankle gingerly, seeing if it would be in a decent condition to run if he had to.

That was looking like a likely option here.
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