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So Penelope was playing Animal Crossing. Eh, Rene never really got the appeal, but she figured that it was kinda like The Sims or American Pie movies in that it was something that was really popular and had tons of fans for reasons that she would never really understand. She was more into Order of Ecclesia lately, and all of her gaming time lately had been spent trying to deal with that freaking giant skeleton at what she sincerely hoped was the end of the latest stage. She hated that thing.

As she mused about possible strategies in her head, shooting each one down for various reasons while working on her second slice of pizza, she completely forgot that there was a conversation going on right next to her. It was when she finished the slice and decided to just look for tips on the fight online that she started paying attention to the rest of the world again, promptly realizing that she had no idea what the other girls at the table were talking about anymore, or if it was even DS-related at all.

Faced with the choice of either abandoning ship entirely or trying to rejoin whatever was going on, she pounced on a brief lull in the conversation and said the first nonspecific phrase that came to mind in hopes of catching back up.

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