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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the bumbling wreck that everyone hated came back. He fidgeted a little in his seat. He knew that the chairs and cushions of the cafe were supposed to be comfortable - the customers had told him themselves - but the one Alvaro was sitting in felt incredibly uncomfortable for some reason, almost as if he was sitting on a rock. It was probably the situation, he figured. He was sitting on a table with the girl he loved and he had just done something incredibly stupid and awkward and now she thought that he was weird, however good or bad that was. His hand had stopped, though, and he let go of it for what seemed to be the third time in the past minute or so. His hands grabbed the back of the chair he was on, and he hoisted himself so that he sat more properly.

Lily then asked him about the chess books. Chess Books? He wasn’t sure what she was talking about…

Oh right! The Chess Books! The gift she gave to him back during that day at the cafe with Adelaide and Jasper! He hadn’t gotten the chance to read them that much, though. School reared his ugly head and meant that between that and the cafe he was never really free. Still, he couldn’t disappoint her, though. It was her gift to him, and he couldn’t mock her gesture, especially considering this was Lily he was talking to. He needed to think of something quick. Um…

“Yeah! There was some cool stuff in there! Um…”

Wait, no. No stuttering, Alvaro. You’ve hurt yourself too much already. Just say something. If it’s wrong, its wrong.

“I learned about a couple openings that I could use, like the… Silician Dragon, and things like that. I haven’t been able to put them into practice, though.”
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I can't think of any cutesy love songs that'd fit as a thread title, consider this a placeholder · Before the Dance