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BB chuckled.

"Oh, no, I know what you said," she said. "It's just, like... that means you've heard Mumford and Sons. You understand the sum totality of their artistic output. I'm not kidding here. You buy one of their albums, it's 'Little Lion Man' for forty minutes straight."

Jeremy was getting the benefit of the doubt at the moment because his tone was in keeping with their less-than-serious throw down in the lunchroom previously and because BB was actually right about Mumford and Sons so she wasn't feeling particularly threatened by his jab. In fact, her grin widened; she'd found the album she wanted cheap, and Jeremy seemed like he was in the right sort of mood to joke around. BB actually did pay decent attention to the situation most of the time, and a lot of her classmates weren't the sort of people to appreciate her jokes. If Jeremy was alright with them, well, that meant she'd have a fun time.

"Besides," she said, "you know you can trust me. I play the bass. That means I'm reliable and mellow, but the guitarist gets all the girls."
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