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“Well now that you say that there’s absolutely no way I can trust you now.” He looked at the CD again. It didn’t really look like anything bad. Then again, that was how Darius had tricked him into listening to B-Shoc. He kinda just linked it into a skype chat and Jeremy clicked on it and he decided to leave it in the background for a bit and he only noticed it when it became hilariously terrible. In that case though it was just Darius linking shit as a joke. If he gave a B-Shoc album to his mom for her birthday he doubted that she’d like it that much. Plus, this was BB. There was just something about her that wasn’t really that trustworthy in the first place. Her smile and lean alone would have set off the fire alarm at his place.

But still, she was gazing at him with that look in her eyes begging for him to challenge her, and- shit, he was game. He had fallen for the trap hook line and sinker, and there was no way he was going to get out of it now.

“I’ve only listened to Little Lion Man. Besides…”

He grinned, returned her gaze.

“I said that I haven’t really listened to Mumford and Sons. That’s not the same as me saying I haven’t listened to it at all. Geez, BB, you get good grades in class. I thought that you’d at least know that.”
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