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"I'm not tricking you," BB said. "Even if it'd be pretty funny to give your mom black metal."

BB was actually pretty proud of the fact that most people went "What the fuck is this?" when she played her favorites for them, and she had a quick moment of regret that she hadn't told Jeremy to buy his mom Earth 2 or something like that. There was this whole branch of drone that used pretty landscapes and such for their album covers, and while in most cases it was absolutely fitting it also made it fairly easy to pass the albums off as something else.

She leaned back and smiled and tried to catch Jeremy's gaze. There was something else he'd said that also caught her interest, something that she could use to poke a little and see if he knew what he was talking about.

"But, hey, you're the one trying to trick me," she added. "First you say you haven't really listened to Mumford and Sons, then you tell me you know 'Little Lion Man.' So which is it?"
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