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“Well, I haven’t really listened to Mumford and Sons, but I’ve listened to Little Lion Man and that’s better than anything in Ghost Stories at the very least.” Oh wait, shit. He just set himself up for something there, didn’t he? Note to self: Don’t give opinions about things you’ve barely listened to. You’re likely going to get proven wrong or mocked if you do that. He already knew that Imagine Dragons was apparently not that great considering BB’s reaction to what he said. Mumford and Sons apparently wasn’t that great, either, so it was better to edit what he just said. “I mean, if it turns out that they’re like, an eskimo throat singing band or something like that I can probably convince them to turn on the Killers. I like listening to them, at least. Don’t really know their reputation among music super fans, though.” Music super fans referring to BB, of course, if that wasn’t transparent enough. If he was going to get humiliated again, he may as well start it and turn it into a humbling experience or something like that.

BB pointed towards a band he had never heard of before, and recommended it to his parents. Iron and Wine. He picked up one of their albums, the front cover depicting a bearded man laying on the grass. Was he supposed to be Jesus? The beard was the same colour, and “Iron and Wine” sounded a bit like a Christian band. Not that that was a bad thing, though. If it was a Christian band it’d at least be better than B-Shoc, and BB gave it her recommendation so it couldn’t be mediocre, or anything. “I’ll take your word for it,” he said to BB, picking up the CD with the man on the grass. “I can’t really listen to it in the store so I guess I’ll have to hope you’re not trying to trick me with this.” He flashed a small grin to her. Maybe he should have checked around on ITunes or YouTube before he went out here, getting an idea of what to buy before he went out to buy it was a pretty good idea in hindsight.
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