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"Oh, thank goodness," BB said. "I thought you were looking for yourself."

Out of touch moms were exactly the demographic BB associated with the type of music Jeremy was talking about, really. It was bland, safe, radio-friendly stuff that was just adventurous enough to let people claim they were into "weird" songs or thought outside the box while at the same time being safe and conventional enough to ensure no actual listening challenge of any sort. Even some of the stuff the rest of the band was into edged close to complacent-FM-listeners territory in BB's opinion, but it was miles ahead of this stuff.

"You have to be careful what you get your parents, though," she said. "If you pick something they like too much, then all of a sudden it's Mumford and Sons every time they drive you to school."

She took a glance at the other artists in the I section, looking for something that could be Jeremy's salvation; the pickings were pretty meager, but one option stood out to her quickly.

"She might like Iron and Wine," BB said, gesturing at the tab. "They're folksy, pretty quiet, inoffensive, but won't make you claw your ears out."
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