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((Clarice Halwood continued from Hecate on Roman Halloween.))

Bowling time! Bowling wasn't something Clarice did too much, but she enjoyed it when she did. Hell, she enjoyed any competition, really. And it was all the better when she was challenging a friend.

She'd jogged to the bowling alley—why miss the chance for exercise—and took a moment to stretch outside before going in. She spotted Kimiko sitting nearby, looking at her phone, so she ran over and smacked her shoulder lightly and playfully.

Her and Kimiko had been friends for ages. She'd admittedly, same as most others, seen her as 'the mute Asian kid' before she'd seen her as just Kimiko. But Clarice had known what it was like for people to see your race before they saw you, so she'd tried to talk to her. And it turned out to be super easy to get along with her. Anyone who hated bullies, got that politics were important and was just as generally awesome as Kimiko was would always be great in Clarice's book. Even if Clarice didn't always quite grasp the Taiwanese politics that Kimiko was concerned with, although she tried to follow as best she could.

You ready to get your butt kicked?” Clarice signed, grinning.
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