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Did she break him?


Hello? Was there any response? Fiyori could feel him shuffling away. Just so slightly. Just a very little bit. Might've just as well been the wind doing stuff. You know, because she broke him. And didn't respond anymore.

Oh no, good. Fiyori did not. There was a sign of life. Trying to stall for time, huh? As if that would work.

She flicker his forehead.

"Maybe. I got a lot of suitors, you know. But the point of that dance is that I am the one asking. And out of all these people around me, I want you."

Couldn't help but feel proud. Excellent acting, she came across as genuine as she could be. Of course, she did not plan to attent that dumb dance. The whole ordeal with the formalities, it was boring as fuck. Besides, she knew herself. She knew her peers. She liked some, but most irked her. At least, in the context of having fun at a party. And if she didn't have the chance to drown them out with booze... well, then there wasn't much point in attending at all.

"Oh, don't think this was a request, after all, I..."

She thought about it. Planned this moment - this line - for quite a while. But no, this wasn't appropiate.

She bared her teeth again. How friendly.
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