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Danny's thought process briefly short-circuited. He'd blame that on the face patting. He spent a long moment staring at Fiyori, one eye kind of squinted and trying to discreetly lean away from her hand without making it obvious he was trying to do so.


………Alright. Thought process was back online.

Well, at least that wasn't 'I require most of your limbs as payment.' But no, he couldn't do that, could he? Okay, yeah, he enjoyed Fiyori's company when she wasn't focusing the scariness on him—and it'd be really nice if she could stop touching his face now because that was making things extra confusing—and it wasn't like hanging out with her there would be a bad thing. He'd do it for sure if it was in a friendship way. He really didn't think she meant in a friendship way. Or maybe she did. Fiyori was Fiyori. Maybe this was just to mess with him. She liked doing that. But maybe she didn't. Maybe he'd finally gotten a stalker. He'd always kind of wondered if that would happen.

Stall. Stall for time.

He shuffled slightly back, again further out of reach of her hand. “You… don't have anyone else to go with? I mean, yes, I'm stunning, but—“
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