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((Kimiko Kao continued from I Hate Mustard))

The bowling alley was an ugly building. It was ugly on the outside and inside, marking it as a product of its time. It sounded like a harsh assessment but it was a true one. Kimiko didn't hate the bowling alley, she just thought it looked incredibly outdated and tacky. There was nothing wrong with the services it offered, although the carpet was the worst thing Kimiko had ever seen.

Her reason for being in the bowling alley was that she was going to be meeting up with Clarice, because they had decided to play a few games of bowling. Kimiko had been bowling a handful of times, in both Tainan and Kingman, so she wasn't as bad at it as she could be. The ball would hit the pins most of the time and she didn't need the barriers up, which was good enough for her. It wasn't anything she took seriously or put time into, but it was a fun distraction.

She stretched her legs out in front of her. She had decided to walk to the bowling alley, it meant she could get some air; it wasn't a taxing walk for her. Clarice would arrive eventually and Kimiko didn't mind waiting for her, she had earned that much. Clarice had been the first person at middle school to make an real effort to be friends with her when she had arrived. Most of the other kids had found her interesting, but she was the new kid who was Asian and couldn't talk. They weren't bothered about friendship. Clarice had been different, she had put in the time and effort to get to know her and socialize with her. That meant a lot to Kimiko at the time and still did.

So she flicked through the news on her phone and waited, frowning as she saw the news that Mayor Lai was still boycotting city council meetings in Tainan. She agreed with his position and appreciated his sentiment behind making the protest but he was a presidential hopeful for the Pan-Green Coalition. He needed to solve problems not be seen to be making them. Sighing Kimiko switched over to Facebook, this was why she was hoping that the New Power Party got some traction. Until Clarice arrived she would busy herself with looking at peoples updates. She found it was less frustrating.
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