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"Hell yeah I wanna start first," Haley grinned. Turns out Jeremy had a sense of humor, and a damn good eye too. He was the first to notice the banana was plastic, and that there was a cap. Danny fiddled with it for a split second and confirmed it. Things just got a whole lot more interesting. What secrets did this banana hold?

They took the banana from Emma's hands and began to unscrew it. It indeed was a plastic banana, but Haley could only guess what the screw was fo-

"Ohohhoh my god..."

Haley couldn't help but laugh. It was a penis. They were holding an honest to God penis. Haley hadn't seen many penises in their life, but this was definitely one. Real bananas would've been a smarter choice, Haley thought. It'd make things less awkward, since kids wouldn't have to practice on an actual penis. But hey, maybe Mrs. Barks wanted them to experience it with the real deal. Or maybe she didn't want to waste food.

Either way, Haley couldn't complain.

This was way funnier.

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