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What does that mean? Chance of redemption? Proposal? Was she proposing to him? ...No, that's too far. Or was it? Oh god, who even knew? Sometimes girls were weird like that!

Why did that grin look like she was going to eat him? Combined with Fiyori's natural hunchiness, it made her look like a hyena.

“Fgahhgh,” he said, before warily eying the hand offered to him. He felt like it was going to suddenly turn into some clawed monstrosity and rip his face off. He didn't want that. He had a good face.

But redemption meant 'I am not quite about to rip off your face.' Maybe that meant there was a chance to smooth all this over.

“What… kind of propo… thing?” He looked her in the face and tried to pretend like he wasn't about to shit himself from fear.
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