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Swing and hit and crit.

It was all kinds of adorable. The way he covered his face... his attempt at playing it cool. Very cute. Not gonna work though. She grinned, licked her lips and advanced a few steps more.

Of course, he was just jesting. He had no interest in the carnal pleasures. Not with Fiyori, and as she quickly understood, neither with anyone else. Why? Well, Fiyori herself subscribed to the theory that he was hella gay.

The problem was the way he ended their relationship. They were getting frisky, and what did Danny do? Bail. Said he was gonna use the bathroom, but took the window out. If he instead told her that he'd rather suck dick... well, so it would be. She could live with that. She could help him. But no, he had to play with her feelings. Make her feel safe. Make her feel needed. And then she dropped her like a sad sack of potatoes.

She wasn't angry at first. She thought she could understand. He was not the first guy, and he would not be the last. Sometimes she did the awkward dumping, and sometimes the guy did so. But with Danny, she felt comfortable. She found pleasure in that thing people call 'a romantic relationship'.

But now she towered above Danny, offering him a hand.

And suddenly, she felt...

"I can give you a chance of redemption, you know. A proposal of sorts."

Fiyori bared her teeth. It was supposed to be a smile. It did not work.
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