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Fiyori flinched. Then she surpressed a chuckle, and then she actually was impressed.

Danny was smooth, she had to say. Maybe not in his presentation of ex-evasion strategies - the famous le parkour pathetique (Fiyori loved that one, used it herself). But he didn't bail after getting up. No, he confronted her. Or well, he tried to keep the rest of his dignitiy. Yeah, that was a better choice of words.

They had to see whether he'd be successful with that. 'Not', if Fiyori had her way.

Fiyori stared vacantly at Danny, putting in one of his ear buds. Not very hygienic, she knew. But she liked the music. Didn't recognize it, but it was good stuff.

"Boy, you're music sucks."

She kept the ear bud in, and stepped slowly towards Danny. Oh, there it was. A brilliant idea for a joke. Fiyori smirked at him, and struck a sassy pose.

"Too bad I did not, hm?"

Too far too soon? Maybe. Maybe not.
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