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Danny would like to claim that he handled the sudden appearance of his ex-girlfriend—uncomfortable closeness, whispering and possible butt-pat included—in a mature, calm and rational manner. Unfortunately, he did not.


He took off immediately. Fiyori still had a grip on his earbud, so his mp3 player got yanked out of his pocket as well. He paid that no mind, instead sprinting off towards the green belt and, beyond it, freedom.

He didn't have long to consider his actions. After all, Danny was a fast runner. He wasn't wide receiver on the school team for nothing. This gave him very little time to make decisions like 'should I try and parkour over that waist-high wall in between me and freedom?'

He decided he should try. Thing is, Danny could not parkour.

His attempt to vault over the waist-high fence resulted in him crashing and rolling once before coming to a halt. It was very painful. His mind caught up with his actions, and realised he wasn't going anywhere until he figured out if he'd just broken his ankle.

Play it cool.

“...Sup,” he said, arranging himself in a slightly less crumpled position and trying to look like he'd meant to do all that.
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