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There he was.

There he was dancing. There he was, not giving a single care about what was happening around him. Oh wow, she couldn't believe it. She couldn't stop smiling. That the chance she waited for. Danny was skittish around her, kinda evasive even. Probably was scared a little bit. Hey, she could understand that! But Danny's behavior, it kinda made her want to attack him.

In the 'play a prank on him' sense, of course. Not the 'pick up a bat and bash his head in' sense. Though, thinking about that, there were probably girls who would do that.

Either way, there he was. Inattentive, kinda dorky, vulnerable.

Perfect prey.

She sneaked cautiously towards her objective, careful not to land in his peripheral vision. With success. She smirked, and sprinted the last few steps.

He didn't notice her coming up from behind. Not until her left hand plugged his bud out, and the other hand gave his cheek a quick pat. Yes, that cheek. Not the other one.

Her initial plan was to yell at him, but since her lips were so close to his ear...

"Hello Danny, my darling."

[[Fiyori Senay, continued from Complex Heaven]]
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