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Okay, turns out that Imagine Dragons only had two albums, aside from live concert CDs that were more expensive and probably not worth it since he didn’t know if his mom would like it yet. Night Visions and Smoke + Mirrors weren’t really interesting or sparky names for albums, and they didn’t really tell him much about what they were like (although most albums didn’t really tell much about the songs in the first place, he needed to take a look at the previews on itunes or YouTube or somewhere else). He was leaning towards Night Visions more, mostly because it was the one that had Radioactive on it and it didn’t use a + instead of an and in the title despite using an and in the titular song. He wasn’t going to buy anything just yet, though. He should check out the store more first, maybe there was something else that he knew that his mom would like. Maybe The Killers or Coldplay did another live show and made a CD out of it that his mom hadn’t gotten yet.

He jumped as BB snuck up from behind him and asked what he was looking at. When did she move? He could have sworn she was still at the metal section. He spun around and there she was. Apparently she had learned to teleport since the encounter at the cafeteria because there was no way anyone could move that fast without being seen. It was a pretty good skill to have for someone snarky like her; if she took someone by surprise like that it’d be much harder to make a foolproof response, and whatever technique this was, it was working on Jeremy. Not wanting to look like an idiot or someone who planned too much, he opted to just go for the truth. If he said it in a direct enough wording it’d be harder to get a response out of it.

“Imagine Dragons. I need to get something for my mom’s birthday and she listens to Ghost Stories all the time so I was looking for something similar.”
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