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"Hey," BB said as Jeremy passed and greeted her. He was heading towards the pop section. This was probably gonna be good. She gave him a second or two to fall into his routine, then followed. She moved pretty slowly, thinking she'd probably have better luck catching him with something embarrassing if he didn't realize she was there. He was flipping through the I section and, as she got closer, she saw he was specifically looking through the works of Imagine Dragons.

That was, well, okay, that was pretty bad. Still, she supposed it could be worse. There was at least the possibility Jeremy was appreciative of their status as a semi-local band, and they certainly weren't the most offensive thing on the charts in the past few years, even if they were one of the most persistent. They had a new album that had just come out or was coming out soon or something; BB's eyes had sort of glazed over when she tried to comprehend the differences between the deluxe, digital deluxe, super deluxe, and Target-exclusive editions on their Wikipedia page.

"What're you looking at there?" she asked, stepping up closer to Jeremy. She already knew, of course, but how he responded would give her a good idea how to approach this.
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