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Jeremy saw someone waving to him from the metal section, so he looked up from his feet to see who it was. Hey, it was BB! He expected it to be one of the people he passed in the halls but hadn’t talked to, so this happened to be a pretty pleasant surprise! They hadn’t been able to talk much to each other since the snark fight, none of their classes lined up and they were in two completely different social circles. Still, he hadn’t forgotten about his humiliation at the cafeteria the first day back, and it seemed that she hadn’t forgotten either, considering her greeting to him. It seemed that if he continued walking forward, he’d have to have another encounter with the person he beat him. He would have liked to say that he had prepared since then, but.. nope. He kinda did the same shit he always did the last couple of months. Play video games, check the internet, watch Survivor, occasionally do homework if it was like, the last day before it was due. He hadn’t practiced, and if he continued, it would show.

However, he had come into the store for a reason, and that reason was to buy him mom a CD as a birthday present. He’d probably get shouted at if he came home without anything in his hands, so it seemed he had no choice. He marched on forward, into the store.

First, he went into the pop section, which was… goddammit it was next to the section BB was in. He walked through the row, taking a cursory look at the CDs and thinking about if his mom would like them or not. He said an upbeat “Hey!” as he passed BB, before stopping at the I section. Imagine Dragons. That was the band that played Radioactive, right? He had heard the Weird Al parody and he loved the Weird Al parody and although he knew that his mom hated Weird Al for some reason, he figured that it was Coldplay like and parsed through their CDs, looking to see which one had the coolest sounding songs.
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