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Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Holy SHIT.

For what felt like the hundredth time in the past hour, Mia glanced at her reflection in the window of the Diamondback Ice Cream Parlour, and became wholly unsatisfied with her appearance yet again. She toyed with her hair a little bit, and brushed a couple stray hairs out of her eye line. She glared at the sunglasses atop her head, usually such a constant part of her ensemble. She moved them down in front of her eyes, then back on top of her head, then removed them entirely, placing them on the table in front of her. Nope. That didn’t help at all. She still didn’t know which looked better on her.

Mia sighed, turning her gaze away from the window, and started scanning the streets for signs of life, whilst trying in vain to look like she was doing anything but.

This was a date. This was an actual, real life, bona fide date.

It wasn’t like this was the first date Mia had gone on. It was just… holy shit she was on a date! With a cute guy! It hadn’t been called a date directly, but come on. It would have been taken as such by literally anybody in her shoes.

This always happened with Mia, even before the actual ‘dating’ part. Whenever somebody showed any interest in her, if anyone was particularly nice and kind to her, she’d get all flustered and nervous and excited around them. She fell for people easily. She knew that. There were probably some shitheads who would use that to take advantage of her. But hey, ‘better to have loved and lost than… something else’. As some guy once said.

Mia nervously played with her sunglasses on the table, absent-mindedly checking the time on her phone once again, even though she knew what she would see. She had arrived early. She still had several minutes before he could even be considered late. Besides, he wasn’t the sort of person to stand someone up.

Oh god, what if she had been stood up?

Mia looked at her reflection in the window again.


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